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WJ Bachman is a Commercial HVAC contractor licensed in the states of Florida, Texas, and Georgia. New states and municipalities are constantly being added to our service area. We specialize in the installation of new HVAC systems for all kinds of commercial projects, such as office building spaces, churches, retail projects, and medical facilities, just to name a few. At W.J. Bachman, we are confident that if you have a commercial project with HVAC needs, we can be of service to you. We service anything and everything we sell and install, through a strong partnership/relationship we have with all of our outstanding suppliers and vendors.


If your project or task requires just the sheet metal ductwork to be custom made for a particular project, we can facilitate that as well.

Whether you need our professional expertise from start to finish, some custom pieces created to complete an ongoing project, or ductwork only fabrication (self-installation), please give us a call.

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